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New Class (with) and (in a) New Studio - Come check them out!

One Yoga is (re)opening in their new space, and I’m *so very excited* to join their schedule with a new class!

Might I suggest you join me for…

Gentle Flow @ 10:30a, Saturdays

"Gentle Flow helps release stress and tension through conscious breathing, gentle movement, and stretching. This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities, including individuals recovering from injury, illness, or decreased fitness. It is a great option for new students."

And bring yourself and several yoga interested friends to...

Yoga Basics Workshop, 12p, Monthly 1st Saturdays

"Yoga Basics supports students in learning and practicing a variety of foundational yoga poses that can enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Why should you check out One Yoga? Their mission of pursuing health equity at this moment in our city, where multiple pandemics are having the largest impact on those most marginalized, is powerful work. The mix of affordable yoga, diverse workshops, and community conversations that they offer are worth supporting - and partaking in!

Visit to learn more about the many wonderful instructors, class options, and the broad variety of accessible payment and/or membership options.

Love the convenience and safety of virtual - classes are hybrid - you can choose how you'd like to attend.

Wonderings? Thoughts? Message me! See you there?

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