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Land Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that I live and teach yoga near Wakpá Tháŋka (the Mississippi River) and Bdoté, the place where the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers meet. The Dakota people have lived in Mni Sota Makoce (Minnesota) for thousands of years. The Anishinaabe migrated to this land as well, and reside throughout the state and beyond. This land was taken from them by invading Europeans violently, through genocide, dishonesty, and forced removal.

Despite this history of colonialism and oppression, many individuals from Dakota, Anishinaabe, and other Native tribes reside presently in the Twin Cities and Minnesota. Their presence is vital and vibrant. Leaders from Native communities share of themselves in many arenas, including the yoga community.

As steps because I acknowledge I work, live on, and benefit from stolen land, I will:

Pay 5% of my income as Real Rent ( to Native organizations sharing yoga in the Native community or supporting the LandBack movement

Pursue the health of the planet in my professional and personal life

Be open to additional commitments as I pledge to continue to listen, learn, and grow

I offer this as a starting place and welcome, with an open heart, feedback and critique.

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