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Here I am!

Here we shall keep it real. Sometimes your dog sits on your face (and more importantly impedes your coffee cup - see the silver in there?). There will be sparkly moments on this Gram and yoga info… but we shall start here. With love. My ever more wobbly chin comes from my Bestemor, and I often like it.

I am here with you to pursue the good and necessary.

...Acknowledging the land we’re on, and whose it is, in my business

...That our bodies are loved how they are - right now.

...That I’m a white lady teaching a South Asian practice and that I diligently grapple with appropriation.

...To consider how to teach yoga in beautiful, open, and loving ways!

I can’t wait. I have as much to learn as to teach. So many ways and reasons to be humble and listen.

And so, without pretense and polish, here we go!

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